Saturday, January 4, 2014

a very merry christmas:)

christmas has come and gone...sad in some ways...a relief in others. I've alwaysssss looked forward to Christmas and that time of year is always a good one for us. I love the lights. I love the happiness and excitement and anticipation it brings. I just love the overall feeling that comes that time of year!:) It's unfortunate that we wake up the day after feeling like it's 'over':(

this year was even more exciting because Homer was to a point where he could rip open presents and showed such joy over anything and EVERYTHING that he opened up or fished out of his stocking! It was the cutest thing! And most of all...we can't believe that next Christmas...we will be a family of 4:)

1 bagilllllliooonnnnn photos below. Enjoy:)

homer helping daddy put up the tree;)

 we put up a small fake tree that we had Homer 'help' decorate, in hopes that he would leave our real tree and glass ornaments alone...the first 24hrs were rough. BUT he did eventually leave things alone:)

i love love love our glass ornaments and we didn't have any casualties this year. I know someeeeee scaredy cats say it's dangerous to use them with little kiddos around but Homer did really well and obviously, we kept a close eye on things. I was even thinking that I would make it a tradition to find a vintage glass bulb to add to our collection every year. I found the one above, with the scallops, at a local antique store this year:)

 our first Christmas at our new home:) Can I leave these lights up forever?!?!?:)

and then we celebrated Christmas Eve, as we always do, at my Aunts (on my Dad's side). It's definitely something we look forward to every year. It's a big family. Lots of food. Laughs. Games. It's a great night:)

sisters:) 3 out of 4 currently expecting babies:)


christmas morning was spent together. Just Jacob, Homer and I. I had to work last year on Christmas Day so I felt so fortunate to be home and wake up with my boys and see Homer's face while he opened presents:) Can every day be Christmas morning?!?!! Gifts. Coffee. NO work. My family:):)

santa was good to us this year and as always...quite the bargain shopper;) Homer got a 'big boy' bed, lots of little cars and blocks:) We also started a new tradition as a family. On Christmas Eve we open one present together and it is pajamas! After we get home from the festivities on Christmas Eve, we put on our new pj's and get to wake up and hang-out in them for a good part of Christmas Day:)

we also hosted our first Christmas!!. We actually hosted about 4 Christmas'. Eeeeeeeeek. I do love Christmas...but we may only agree to ONE next year;) But I think it really turned out okay and everyone had a great time. Andddd Jacob made THE most amazing food!

the photos above are only of Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning and Christmas Day with my Mom's family. We also hosted Jacob's family and some extended family in the days following Christmas AND just finished up a Christmas Wine Night with the ladies last night. Which means...the decor will be coming down this weekend:( BUT it was all so perfect and fun and I am already excited for the things I want to do for next year:)

we hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and got to spend it with the ones you love:)

i'm also hoping to get a New Years Post up soon and link up to some lovely ladies who have already written some inspiring thoughts on what they're hoping for 2014:) 
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