Monday, January 27, 2014

pinterest made me do it.

i hate to say it and my husband surely hates that it's happening...but I'm in total beast NESTING MODE!!!! I'll be 32weeks in a few days and the list of things I'd like to have crossed off our To Do List is embarrassingly long. And by "I'd like to have crossed off"...I mean "what Jacob will be doing with all his spare time for the next 8-ish weeks";).

tonight while Jacob hung shelving in our soon-to-be Office and put some plastic on the windows in that room, I hung my sunglasses/fake reading glasses/prescription glasses (thankkkkkkk gawddddd I held onto those things!!!!;) onto a wire hanger. Whaaaaaa-fuckinggggg-LA! I have to admit. It turned out pretty amazing;)

i added the last 2 photos to show you that I wasn't justtttt playing with that hanger all night. While Jacob did do a TON tonight...I actually cleaned this small entry, moved that buffet into that room and cleaned the buffet out to utilize it more for storage...for now. BOOM.

i heart productivity:)

POINT: i found the hanger idea on Pinterest. Obviously. You can find it HERE. Kinda thinking that any Pinterest-Related-Creations will get filed under a new and hopefully, regular, post: Pinterest Made Me Do it

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