Thursday, February 6, 2014

week 33:)

we hit the 30 week marker and all of a sudden I finally feel like WE'RE PREGNANTTTTTTTTTTT!???!!?!?! Silly but true;) This pregnancy, luckily, hasn't felt like it's flown...and hasn't felt super slow. It's been another amazing pregnancy!! I'm feeling so lucky. 

i have had a few more aches and hips. Holy lord. They hurt a lot sometimes. And the baby. Wow...I thought Homer was a mover. Nope. He was completely average. This baby though...phew. It doesn't just move. It pushes it's entire bony little, almost fully developed, body out and across the full span of my belly. From AHHHHH! I wish I could say it's a beautiful thing...but it's mostly weird and gross and seriously uncomfortable!!!! Annnnnnndddd reassuring:)

so far so good. We're (ME) in total nesting mode and I've squeezed just about every favor and project out of my husband that I could. He may be done. BUT I'll have a lot of home improvements to share with you all soon!!! Thanks baby:)

due date 
March 26th...or before...or after!??:)

boy or girl 
i asked Homer what he thought and he patted my belly and said "boy"!!! And thennnnn he immediately said "girl". So there's that;)

we have yet to bring this up since week at a standstill but I have no doubt 
this baby will eventually be named!:)
OH, the girl who checked me out (well...checked out my items;) has a little girl named Mable. WHICH was totally towards the top of our list at one point for a little girl!! BUT alas...not anymore...for now:)

i've definitely been getting comments about having 'popped' over the last few weeks! SO I must be getting large and in charge!

we're down to appointments every 2 weeks. From week 30 to week 32...I gained the usual 2lbs. I was hoping to avoid that but yeah...I have no one to blame...but my husband who can't say no to me (and it best stay that way;).

current weight: 173lbs
total weight gain: 36lbs

there are good days...and not good days in regards to my clothing options. 
Also. Seat belts suck. My bra hurts me. And I look best in Jacob's pajama pants. That is all:)

baby buys 
no babbbbyyyyy buys per say. BUT I did snag that tank top HERE and boots HERE and I love them both and seriously haven't taken them off since I got them. For real. That's a true statement. Yes. Ew;) I actually had to really Photoshop these photos cause the tank top was THAT dirty. Oops!:)

above is a photo of me 33 weeks pregnant with Homer. And below...33 weeks pregnant...with Homer by my side:) I haven't quite wrapped my mind around the fact that I'm not going to be having Homer. I will not be bringing Homer home from the hospital...but instead...a sibling for my baby:')

and I'm kinda loving the photo above because I happened to be wearing the prettiest locket, that I got from my BFF - purchased via Etsy - and the new rubber band bracelet her daughter (and my Goddaughter) made me! I'm perfectly accessorized!:)

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