Sunday, February 9, 2014

sunday best:)

sunday's haven't always been my favorite day of the week (maybe that would change if I were a SAHM:) but until then...

this weekend's Sunday has been a good one. One of those where as I'm doing some bills, cleaning things up, laundry, blogging:) husband is bathing our son, cooking breakfast and my Homer is quietly playing...all while music is playing and candles are burning in the background. I tear up a tad and have a big smile on my face. THIS. This day is one of those super good ones:)

I'm actually prettyyyyy lucky that my husband enjoys a clean he doesn't mind lending a hand!

homer boy coloring:) Next up...Valentine's:)

and then tidbits from a clean (as it can get:) house. 

we took down the big mirror that was above the mantel and replaced it with these frames (which are actually larger and I bought for $7.50ea) I got on SUPER sale at Target (obviously;) and am alreadyyyyyy loving the difference!

a clean table. I wish I could describe to you the chaos that was our table only 24hrs ago!!!:/ ALSO. Thinking of painting this soon as I'm done with this blog post. I'm excited...and a tad nervous cause it's dark!!!!!! Before and Afters to come:)

it may be a freezing cold Sunday outside but we're enjoying the sun that's streaming in the windows and making most of the day! Hope you are too!:)

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