Wednesday, February 12, 2014

month 21 - Homer:)

the photo above just about perfectly captures Homer right now. He is alllllll about Homer. Homer does what he wants. Homer gets what he wants. Homer says "yump" (jump;)...we say HOW HIGH!?!?!?! He is definitely testing his boundaries and coming into his own. This 'phase' has come with a lot ton million few time-outs but overall...a lot of laughs and proud parent moments:)

i feel terrible, realizing I missed last month. We don't have our normal Month 20 of Homer! Huge bummer:(

homer's been quite busy:

- we started Mom and Tot swim recently, something we began when he was only a few months old. He loves the water and is already jumping off the side, dunking and kicking his feet!!!:)

- Homer likes to say "oh, shit". Apparently, we need to keep our potty mouths in check...which is painfully difficult for this mama;)

- the one and only show he EVER watches or requests to watch..."oh, toodlesssss" (Mickey Mouse:). 
We've only had cable for abouttttt 2 months and we're already considering cancelling it. Besides that one show that gives us about 30min. of downtime from Homer a's a complete waste of money.

homer only has about 42 more days as an only child so we're kinda letting him stay up late. Cuddle a bit longer:) But we can't wait for this crazy boy to hold his sibling for the first time:)

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