Friday, March 14, 2014


i won't add much cause these pretty pretty photos will speak for themselves (I'm biased though, cause I love this little - growing - family of mine:). I believe we got these photos around 36WKS and here we are at 38WKS! Time is flying and things are moving and I know this baby is gonna be here before we know it:)

HERE is the link to our photos with Homer almost 2 years ago:')

this may be one of all time favorites:)

i just can't wait to have this process begin. When will contractions start? Where will I be? What time of day? We've already lined my sister, Pigg, up to take Homer at ANY time of day, at the drop of a hat and then we'll head down. We still have a few things that need to be packed - like Homer's bag and our own...the only thing we're really ready for is dressing the adorable little baby...not so much anything else having to do with our hospital stay....Oops;)

and then naming the baby!??!!? Oh man...see how I'm avoiding most things having to do with the baby having to come out of me;)??

12 days till Due Date:)
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