Sunday, March 9, 2014

sunday best:)

sunday's have, surprisingly, become our most productive day of the week! It's usually the only day we're all home. No plans. No work. YAY:)

this particular Sunday's theme is: shirtless:) - most of the time the theme is 'naps' or 'don't move from the couch, watch movies and eat MD's all day'.:)

the boys sporting their blindingly white torsos;)

homer's new favorite thing. Ever.

laid some, super inexpensive, linoleum in the bathroom to cover the old tile. You can tell this was NOT done by a professional. Ew. But it really does clean it up some:) AND nowwwww I have an excuse to go buy new bath mats:)

BOTH FANS ARE FINALLY HUNG IN THE LIVING ROOM!!! This deserved all caps because we've had these fans sitting...waiting...tauntinggggggg me for over 8 months!!!:):)

believe it or not...this is not a photo to show off how insanely disgusting the area is around our sink:/ But to brag about how many bottles I have to sort through. Arg. Baby Prep Day has commenced!!!

it was warm enough for a family walk today!!!!!! We can NOT wait for Springgggg:) Also. Jacob made me go put a hat on after he took a good look at the hair I've been sporting for the last few dayyyyyssss. Oops;)

another great day in the books!! Unfortunately, daylight savings is taking it's toll on me. Homer's more pumped than ever and I'm the most tired you can be for 730PM. It may be a longgggg night!:)

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