Monday, March 3, 2014

week 36:)

today we're actually closer to 37 weeks than we are to 36. I'm not sitting here mind blown about how far along I am or how soon this baby will be here. I must be too damn tired for that;) 

with this pregnancy...I feel like those things hit a lot sooner than they did with Homer. The exhaustion. The aches and pains. The feeling that the baby will just fall out if I go from sitting to standing too quickly. My doc assures me that these are all pretty common symptoms for a second pregnancy. I assume having Homer around to keep me busy may have something to do with the exhaustion as well;)

overall...we're doing fantastic! My birthday is coming up and we decided to celebrate a little early, seeing as I may not be in the mood as my due date approaches. Thursday both Jacob and I are going to our 37 week appointment (this will be his first time being able to come with me!!!!) and then heading...somewhere. We have no plan. My favorite Day Dates with Jacob involve NO planning. I'm so excited that it seems forever away yet!!!

as far as this baby...we're so excited. SO so excited. I can't wait to have the contractions start (not the FEELING of the contractions but the whole...where will I be when they start? What time of day will it be?!!!). I love the anticipation and surprise of it all!!:)

we're SO not ready but we're ready. Kinda;)

due date 
March 26th...or before...or after!??:)

boy or girl 
my mind changes on this dailyyyyyy! I seriously thought we were having a boy. But nowwwww I feel girl. Did the same thing with Homer...

i think we're pretty set with names at this point. 2 boy options. 2 girl options. Both first and middles names are set:) SO now to wait and see what suits the baby when he or she arrives:)

my Friend did send her weekly suggestions: Mogley and Winnie. Adorablllleeeee!!!

i feel like the baby's definitely dropped. I don't remember feeling as if Homer was going to fall out of me as badly as I do with this baby!! Lordy...going from sitting to standing takes some time:/

we're down to weekly appointments. Whoa.
I was hoping to keep the weight gain minimal from here on out...but I'm currently craving MD's and I have a feeling my husband won't say no to that 9PM suggestion;)

current weight: 179lbs 
(that was last I'm guessing this has gone up:/)
total weight gain: 42lbs

we are right on track for where I was at with Homer but I did go on to gain 55lbs with Homer...hoping we can lock this shit up at 45lbs this time around;)

i actually just did some major downsizing in the closet! Pretty excited about the 'new leaf' I'm trying to turn over in regards to my purchases and spending:)
And going through my clothes allowed me to start a little Maternity Tote of my own (us sisters have been kinda sharing one for the last few years and it was preeeeeetty outdated) but I was able to try a few things on and feel like I may have a few more COMFORTABLE things than I thought to get me through the end of this pregnancy:)

baby buys 
no current baby buys! We're just working through what we already have. Keeping the spending to a minimum (see: NEW LEAF above;). Jacob deemed this week: Baby Prep Week! Bottles need to be pulled out and washed. Bags for freezing milk need to be bought. Car seat needs to be drug out, cleaned and installed in the car. Phew. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head;)

i had Courts snap a few photos of the necklace I was wearing this day. It's a gift from her for Christmas actually! I know she purchased it off PS i Adore You but it's not listed there anymore...HERE is something similar that it may actually be the exact one she got me:)

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