Friday, February 28, 2014

give me all the things.

in 45 minutes it's my birthday month. In 21 days my Maternity Leave begins. In 23 daysssss I turn 31 - my mind still hasn't grasped that I'm 30...In 26 days this baby is due to join us! 

if you haven't birthday is kindaaaaa a big deal;) I make it a big deal. It IS a BIG.DEAL. Because of the baby's due date landing so close to my birthday (birthday March 23. Baby due date March 26)...I decided to bump my birthday up a little - if you weren't already can do that;). You're probably making the same face my husband made when I broke the news to him about that;)

tomorrow starts the first of a few birthday festivities. My good friend, Friend, turns 31 in March also. We usually have a little date morning and bum around together and that's happening tomorrow! 

because Jacob and I are having a little date day next week...and with my leave coming up quickly...we've been trying to be pretty strict on our spending. We've actually done relatively well over the last few weeks. It hasn't been easy:) But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream and I'm dreamin' about all the things below falling into my closet over the next 3 months:)

TOTAL for all the pretties below: $769 (life is so unfair;)

1 bra and undies
i can't think of too many things more sad than being done having babies. Being done being pregnant. And that's not to say we are after baby #2...we haven't made any decisions on that. BUT when I am forced to think of some positives that will come along with not having babies anymore...buying matching, pretty, correctly sized delicates is definitely one of the positives:)

2 overalls
i'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that overalls aren't every one's cup of tea. BUT I've been crushing on these puppies for quite some time...I need overalls in my life. I just do. It feels right!:)

3 the-most-perfect-tote-in-all-the-world
i'm pretty sure I would agree to say 'yes' to my husband in regards to ANYTHING for 1 full year in order to add this tote to my life. I'm not afraid;)

4 sunnies
i just like um'. Uhhhhh lot:)

5 sneaks
i'm a huge, huge fan of sneakers. I've got a few pair of converses that I love and these are on my short list currently. But I'm willing to give another brand a shot. Maybe even something with some color/pattern. And really...these would just work with the rolled up overalls:)

6 mom-suit
i was never a fan of the one-piece swim suit. I have become a huge fan of the one-piece swim suit. Especially after having a baby. Luckily, things have stayed in far. BUT, as I've mentioned before, I may not get away with no stretch marks on the belly this time around. SUPER SAD FACEEEEEEE:( 
But again...finding the positive in a not-so-amazing-situation...I'll be investing in a beautiful one-piece for this summer:)

and just like that...I've added a Madewell Gift Certificate to the growing number of birthday ideas I have for my family and friends:)

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