Thursday, April 4, 2013

look who's 30:)

ah, birthdays...bittersweet, they are:) March 23, 1983 was the day I rocked my parents world...and I think I have been ever since;) 

people have asked me how 30 feels and feels good:) I think every birthday should be celebrated!!!! I've got 30 amazing years under my belt and there's so much more amazing to come:)

birthday's are all about indulging...right?!. And lots of it;) My birthday week began with work and treating myself to TB:) YUM. And I think that sauce packet couldn't have been more perfect: It Only Gets Hotter From Here. Damn straight:)

and then there was the yearly dinner with the family! We celebrate my youngest sister, Mallory's, birthday as well as mine. She turned 27 on March 21st!:)

it was such a fun night! Lia read Chuck Norris jokes while we drank wine:) And then Jacob, Homer and I ended the night cuddling:):)

next on the agenda during Birthday Week was a Friend Day with my Friend, who turned 30 on March 11th:) Can you tell Homer was really feelin' the idea of mom leaving him all day;)


we made a Target stop. Antique store. Hobby Lobby. Lunch at Applebee's. Some more shopping. It was such a great day with my Friend:)

i added a few great things to my collection: an old/fabulous lamp for the new house and the dress above that I'm hoping to have altered:)

and Friend found the amazing shirt below that totally suits us:)

friend and I do not get enough time together these days, so this was a very happy day and we're TOTALLY making this happen again soon!!!!:) xoooooooo FRIEND:)

the day before my birthday, Jacob and I had our own Date Day:) The day did not start off so fantastic. A number of things had me a bit emotional but as soon as we hit the road together...all that disappeared. It was a wonderful day. Just the best. It's hard for me not to plan one of these days with Jacob every week cause we just have so much fun! I'm already counting down the days till our next few hours alone:)

jacob and I can have fun doing anything and nothing! We hit the road with no goal or destination set. We just drove and figured it out as we went...we love doing it that way:) 

we got snacks and cappy's and started with an antique store. Then we went to Lowe's - omg. I'm officially 30;). We did some shopping. Had lunch. More antique stores. And wandered around a furniture store - one of our favorite past times;).


some of my loot from the day:)

our Date Days are rare. We tryyyy to squeeze one in once a month but normally that doesn't happen:( But I can't even explain to you how awesome they are when we do get one:)


saturday was a seriously busy day!! Courts was playing Alumni Volleyball at the local school, so we couldn't miss seeing that;). Homer was completely entertained;) We were having an Open House at the house we're currently trying to sell. AND I was trying to get ready for a night out with my ladies!!!

our night was pretty simple and looking back...I'm kinda kicking myself for not putting more thought into it. I just wanted it to be low key. And it was. Pre-dinner drinks at my cousin, Neen's:) And then dinner and some bar hopping. Don't get me was a lot of fun. BUT I am ready to embrace the fact that I just don't enjoy the bars anymore - did I ever?!?!;). I for surely do feel the need to dress up and leave the house and mingle with other humans every now and again...BUT I think for my 31st Birthday - yes...I've already been talking out loud about my plans for next year;) - I'm going to be a bit more true to the new, more mature me. My 31st birthday will involve day drinking, beer tasting, antiquing and pedicures. Classy;)

352 daysssssss. You've been warned ladies;)

here's everyone that made it out that night! It was such a great group! There were a few special someones missing...Karey...Nikki:):) But seriously guys...I'm the luckiest in the world. Yep.

first. I have 3 sisters that are my best friends in the world. At first Courts wasn't going to make it but at the last minute she was able to and I'm so glad she did because when all 4 of us are just feels better. We are pretty awesome individually;) But together...we are a force:)

thankfully, I don't have lice as a reminder of that night;) AND since I ended the night drinking water - whoaaaa...I really am maturing;) - I didn't have a hangover and can remember all the ridiculous conversations we had;)

mega Meg had a blast drinking with the ladies!:)

i wish I had more stories to tell but most of them were pretty explicit;)
It was a magical night! I consider any night I get to spend with these amazing ladies pretty damn magical!

as you can see below...they spoiled me! All my favorite things: hilarious and beautiful cards - were my first cry in year 30..I pretty much love your ass!!!:).
And there were books and gift certificates and plants. Arg:'). Just the best:)


no birthday will never be disappointing because of the amazing family and friends I'm so lucky to have in my life!

SO. Thank you all for making turning 30 super painless and....You're Welcome. I know that you all realize March 23, 1983 changed your lives - for the better - forever too;)
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