Sunday, April 27, 2014


another Easter has come and gone. And each one seems to get a tad less painful than the last;) Having kiddos sure makes the holiday's way more tolerable fun!!!:)

we try to keep the 'gift/candy-giving/purchasing' to a minimum. Jacob and I hope that the kids remember more about the things we did that day and surrounding the and tradition and food and laughter...not so much the 'things' they got:) 

homer's basket: mickey mouse tshirt. sunglasses. one matchbox car. 2 eggs filled with yogurt covered raisins and organic fruit snacks and one big chocolate bunny - that has yet to be opened;)

theo's basket: a pretty jumper. her first Easter book. bumble bee baby shoes. 2 eggs filled with yogurt covered raisin and organic fruit snacks - that Homer ate;)

and jointly, we got them the movie Frozen...mostly cause I want to see what all the hype is about;)

i was actually surprised at how excited Homer was to see his basket and open things up. And he did such a great job participating in the hunt for eggs later that day! We didn't hide any at home for him - we opted to bath him instead;) - but I realize he'll be ready for some egg hunting at our place next year so the 'Easter Bunny' will prepare better next year;) It's so fun to see him beginning to understand and enjoy and light up over the little parts of each holiday:)

his current obsession: "lippppssssss". I noticed that he liked when I put a little of my lip gloss on him in the mornings before I left for work...and so we got him his own tube for Christmas and again for Easter. He doesn't really 'eat' it...but he does put an insane amount over much of his face and it's freaking hilarious;)

after our morning together...we always head to Jacob's mom's for an Easter breakfast. It's always fantastic:)

 and we're all pretty on board with naps after;)

 our boy, proud of his lined up jelly beans;)

later in the day - after naps had been had:) - we hosted my mom's family for dinner and a little egg hunt:) So lucky that the weather cooperated cause I think it's rained every day since:/

another holiday under our belts...our first as a family of 4:)

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