Wednesday, April 30, 2014

month1. Theo:)

theo has now been with us for ONE MONTH! What's even more shocking...I've been off work for over 5 weeks now. And less than 4 weeks before I go back. My mind is blown at how quickly the last 5 weeks have gone!!!:(

besides never's been absolute bliss;) But...this time with her is so short-lived and I'm trying to keep that in mind when I'm up for hours on end in the middle of the night. This will not last and when it's over...I'll be wanting it back:(

man...I still have moments where I can't believe we have a girl! A girl!??!? There's Homer...and then a girl?!?! And sometimes it all seems completely normal. This process of them coming to be and being here and growing's a difficult one to process sometimes. Hard on my heart and involves a good amount of tears;')

8lb 12oz (when she was born 3/30/14)
8lb 5oz (when we left the hospital 3/31/14)
8lb 8oz (at her check-up 4/2/14)
8lb 15oz (at her weigh-in 4/9/14)
10lb 11oz (at her 1MO check-up 4/29/14)

theo is an absolute pig compared to Homer! I love seeing such a difference in them!! Homer was pasty white and tiny...Theo definitely has some color (hard to tell in these photos) and is such a porker!! I can hardly believe Homer was ever a baby:(:(

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