Monday, May 12, 2014


"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"

homer and theo

we've been a family of 4 for just over 6 weeks now. I would have to say that every day has been somewhat difficult. But there have been so many moments of absolute happiness sprinkled in all that difficulty:)

i'd like to think that 2 is gonna be our hurdle. And by 2, I mean the number of kids we have. IF we survive this...I believe we can have as many more kids as we want:)

SO here's the low down on the kiddos:

theo is such a good little girl. Besides NEVER. NEVERRRRRR sleeping when it's appropriate to sleep. Ever. She's perfect;)

homer is such a good little boy. Besides all those terrible 2-ish things you hear about. The screaming. Not listening. Throwing of fits. Laughing in my face. Kinda/sorta trying to hit at me. And overall defiance. He's perfect;)
Besides all that though...he's hilarious. He is speaking so well! Lots of sentences, lots of observations. It's adorable:) He's a smart cookie! And he's been showing a lot of interest in the potty! He still uses a diaper at all times but he is able to pee AND poop on the adult potty, with the help of his little potty insert. We're very proud! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to take on the challenge of tryinggggg to potty train before I go back to work in 2 weeks?!?! I've heard about this '3 day' Potty Training Method and wonder if that would be the way to go....

butttt with a baby who never sleeps and me starting to pump and every other daily chore I need to stay on top of...potty training is sooooo very low on the list. And he's only 2 for shits sake...I feel we have plenty of time:)

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