Thursday, May 15, 2014

VW campervan:)

a few weeks back, while up in the wee hours of the night...or morning...or mind is mush from all the sleeping that IS.NOT.HAPPENING. over in these parts:/ So excuse me if there are words speled wrong or altogether missing;)

POINT: as fun as it sounds to hang out with a wide awake newborn for hours on's pretty much not;) But it gives me a lotttttta time to fill online baskets that will never get bought and sometimes stumble upon treasures that just must be ours:)

this VW Campervan is one of those gems that couldn't be passed up:)

it took about 5 seconds to put together...basically, popped up! And it's ridiculously adorable!!:) I would say it's a great size for Homer but may have been even better when he first started crawling! Theo's going to get some great use out it!:)

thank you Zulily, for at least an hour of peace;)

note that items for sale on this site are always changing...the bus is no longer available but that doesn't mean it won't be again, eventually! AND if you do find something you love and plan to order...enter my name or email (not sure where!?) and I'll get a wee bit of credit! Thanks in advance;)

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