Tuesday, July 15, 2014

month 26: homer:)

homer-boy is now 26 months old...has been for a few weeks. At this point in his life...he's not loving having his photo taken. UNLESS you try and then he refuses and then you say forget it (except that I say "fuck it" - quietly...so that he doesn't hear, of course;) and THEN and ONLY THEN...does he want his photo taken. But he really doesn't cause as soon as I lift the camera again...he doesn't want his photo taken.

and that, my readers...is how I get mind fucked by a 26 month old...all.day.long;)

but our little guy is pretty much perfect. So there's that;) Still loves to dance. Still sittin' on the potty, pushin' out poo that never comes...until he's not on the potty and in a cloth diaper;)

he's just fun. Sometimes he's not fun. But then he's fun again and we forget about the not so fun times that were had 10 minutes prior. See: Mind Fucking;)

to get this amazingggggg photo - can you see how much he's loving it;) - we had to bribe him with a banana. Yep. I was standing behind Courts holding a banana while she took these photos. He owns me;)
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