Sunday, July 27, 2014


this summer is FLYING by. Me no likey:( There's so much more on my "DO WHILE THE WEATHER IS ABOVE 67" list yet!!!! 

- i haven't quite accomplished running 1 mile yet...I'm getting close though! - the Chinese Food I ate yesterday and will continue eating today is a mild set-back:/

+ i did weed some of our landscaping. It wouldn't impress even the most awful of lawn artists but it's a slight improvement. 

- all the remnants of our 'weeding' are still laying in huge heaps around the lawn and have been for 2 days now;)

- i want to take the kids to a Splash Pad at least once before the end of the summer!!!

+ we've hit the beach a few times...all in one weekend but it still counts:)

+/- we've already taken one family trip - CHICAGO:) - but I'd like to squeeze in one more...maybe the Madison Zoo (FREE!!!!) or a night in WI Dells:)

++ i've drank alcohol while it was still light out a number of times;)

+ bonfires have been had. 

+ bags have been thrown.

overall, it's been a fantastic summer and we're not at all ready to welcome August just yet but we're motivated to enjoy any amount of 'summer' that Wisconsin gives:)

on this day, Theo and I went and had coffee with my cousin, Christina:) While we were gone, Homer and Jacob did a little fishing and I gots to say...Jacob was one proud dad:) Jacob loves to fish and was able to show Homer how to cast and was so super impressed with how well Homer did!

after coffee, we all met up at the park for lunch:)

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