Sunday, July 27, 2014

want it sunday.

ah, my online baskets are filled with soooooo much pretty right now but all that pretty is gonna have to stay locked up in those baskets for a tad longer:/

booooo. Hisssss.

i was actually thinking recently that I hardly get the chance to go out anymore. Which is totally A-Okay. But when I DO get the opportunity to leave the homestead...I never take FULL advantage. I'm in jeans and a t.shirt and converses. Or cutoff jean shorts and...a t.shirt and flip flops. OR yoga pants and a...freaking t.shirt and sneakers. Or head-to-toe black. Which is cool...cause that's cool;)

point: I gots to mix it up a bit and I feel like purchasing all the items below would be a great motivation to do just that;)

TOTAL for all the pretties below: $305.94

1 lace-up sandals
can I just say that I love them? That is all.

2 black beauties:)
see above. About the love. And that being all;)

3 watch
i think I've been waiting all my life for this watch. 
I would be willing to give you my dog. The little white ugly fluffy one, that requires a $35 hair cut every 3 months (more than I spend on cutting my own hair). I will actually just GIVE you the dog.
Oh...and then after that...I'll buy this watch.

4 dress
this looks like the comfiest thing. Ever. And after seeing this lady pull it off pregnant...I want to try to pull it off as well...pregnant or not pregnant!:)

besides the watch (which would TOTALLY be an amazing investment!!!!! JACOBBBBB. It WOULD!!!!;)...everything on this list - in my cheap-ass opinion - is seriously affordable!

i could A: buy the watch for $200 - $170 with a 15% OFF promo code I have. B: buy everything except for the watch for only $100. 
People with self-control would include an option C: Buy nothing and save for your children's college or that big anniversary trip to Paris or our retirement. I am not the type to have an option C:)

good day.
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