Friday, August 1, 2014

month 4: theo:)

baby girl. Sister, as Homer likes to call her:) now 4 months old! This month has been another fun one:) She's the most perfect, little snuggly beast!!!

from is the only one that can make anything right in her world. And I not-so-secretly love it;) 

we're still co-sleeping and nursing like champs. 

she just makes me the happiest. I have to give her ear-muffs all the time when talking about how she makes me want another baby. Now. Sorry Theo...but your cuteness and smiles and coo's...they givin' me baby fever:):)

homer is still being an awesome big brother! He has his moments...a few too many cheekers some days but he loves to help. He fetches diapers and burp rags:) I look forward to and dread the day they are able to wrestle;)

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