Sunday, September 14, 2014

month 28: homer:)

the best time to write a blog post about the son you adore is notttttt on the same day you've had to drag him kicking and screaming from a Church function. Arg. But in hindsight, all that kicking and screaming worked to my advantage...I took him straight home and he slept for almost 3 hours. Boom. Just enough time for me to calm down and decide that I would, in fact, keep him;) When he got up from his nap I thought we'd have a little 'talk'. It went well...and fast...because he had a huge dump in his diaper. Well played, Homer:/

homer is 28 months. I'm definitely to the point where I have to do the math on that every month for these blog posts. When someone asks how old he is...I'm giving the "2-ish" response. I'm not quite ready to even say 2-1/2:'(

ah, Homer. What can I say. He's my biggest pain. My biggest worry. My biggest love:) Just when I think we've turned a corner...he starts biting. Just when I think we're making some progress...he smarts off/doesn't listen/hits/screams. All those things...not what other 'mom's' are saying or doing...are what make me feel like I'm failing at this 'mom thing'

but then he gives out a random hug. Or gives me a kiss good morning. Or I find a little pile of bath towels he folded and put in the corner:)...and I think we might be doing okay:) 
He's a very, very sweet boy. A very, very sweet boy who likes to pick his boogers;)

 this face makes my world make sense:)

#thehomershow :)

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