Saturday, November 15, 2014

month 30: Homer:)

this is it. The very last monthly photo of Homer-boy:/ Sad and feelings about it at the moment. 
not to worry though. I'm giving-up on the monthly photos of Homer but we will catch up with him at least once a year...on his birthday. So you'll be seeing him in this orange chair again:)

i've - we've:) Courtney - been taking these photos since Homer was one week old. One week.

.break for ugly cry.

arg. So much sucks in my head right now. Just a lot going on. Doing this post on an 'off day' is not good for the tear ducts;') I have so much to be happy about. This boy being towards the TIP TOP of that Lucky List:)

homer is just as vicious.sweet.amazing.over the top.emotional.dramatic.polite.cuddly and fun loving as ever. He doesn't slow down too much. Unless it's to watch "Elsa" - Frozen:) or The Croods. Or "Thomas" - Thomas the Tank Engine. Or "Mickey" - The Mickey Mouse Club. I hate to admit how much 'TV' he's been watching lately. Mom fail. But this week we're shooting to have electronics put away and play. And make something and PLAY!:) And maybe even give this potty training thing a whirl...3rd times a charm?!:)

the photos above are a little blown out...oops:)

i love you Homer Smith:)
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