Tuesday, November 11, 2014


@shopfairhaven #shopfairhaven

just recently my sister and I went and spent an obscene amount of money...on ourselves...within 24 hours...on our Annual MOA Trip. We definitely went into it feeling untouchable and came out of it...with some heavy feelings of guilt. 

as my 2 year old now says..."dith.gussss.ting" - disgusting

upon returning home to our, already over flowing, closets...with MORE new and shiny things...we schemed up the idea of Shop Fairhaven over a glass of wine...guilt...and our love for shopping:)

and a little of the back story on how we settled on the name...it's a little mixture of one of our addresses (a street name) and being forced to choose something that someone else hasn't already claimed on Facebook and Instagram. But we really love the feel of Shop Fairhaven. Seems classy and fun. I envision little birdies. Drinking wine. Dressed well. Very care free. One likes to say 'dick' a lot but is very down to earth.

not that I've given it much thought;)

my sister, Megan, and I have a huge love for all things clothes. Shoes. Purses and Accessories. Are there wayyyyy more important things in life?! Hells yes.

just wanted you to know that we're aware of how annoying we are with all this shopping;)

but we have nice things and we don't want to have a million nice things. A couple thousand would do just fine;) But all those nice things are almost too nice to just box up and give-away. SO we're gonna give this little shop a shot and try to share all the amazing things that no longer fit in our closets - or on our thighs...hi 30;/ - and for amazing prices!

soooooo humor us. And spread the word. And take a look. And don't order if you don't need something. Order if you love something. Or if you're local and you'd like to just come dig through our racks and bins and bags...Pleaseeeeee do!!!!:) - wine will be served:)

below are just a few items that I've taken photos of recently. Much, much more to come. And if you do make a purchase and wear it out on the town or to eat Cheetos's on the couch or on a hot day fishing....please post it to our FACEBOOK Page or tag us on INSTAGRAM. We'd love to see ya!:)

@shopfairhaven #shopfairhaven

i included this shirt so that you don't think I'm perfect. Cause I know you were wondering;) 
PS. ironing...never heard of it;)

also. Our favorite colors are black, gray and white. Let's be friends:)

@shopfairhaven #shopfairhaven

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