Tuesday, November 4, 2014

month 7: theo:)

hey yo. I'll start this little post with a "hey...sorry for only posting once a month and even then...ONLY POSTING PHOTOS OF ME...and MY HUSBAND...and those EXTREMELY CUTE KIDS!!". I get it. You're sick of our fat faces. Sooooo I'm going to follow that up with a post about THEO!!!!!!;)


so it goes like this:
theo is 7 months. Which is closer to her ONE YEAR birthday than her birth. Which means she's old. Which means I'm dead. And thennnnn I sob myself to sleep. 

and we repeat that aboutttttt twice a month.

i also may have DID said to my husband tonight that I wanted to get pregnant again. Now. He responded by telling me that he would like to punch me in the face more than he'd like to not punch me in the face. SOOOOOOOo...I assume that means we're 'trying'?!;)

theo daisy isssssss. Man. Where to start. She's adorable. She screams at a higher pitch than her brother ever has...which is seriously, shocking and can NOT be good for our ear drums. She's still nursing like a champ. She still pukes more than any other baby...IN.THE.WORLD. She's the biggest cuddle bug. Crawling...more of a drag than an actual 'on the knees' crawl. She's sitting all by herself!!! We started solids in the last week, not much but she's liking it:) 
She laughs and plays and cries and pukes and screams and pukes and plays. REPEAT:)

i'm also prettttyyyyy sure she needs a pet bunny. This goes against EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. But what I think Theo wants;)...stay tuned...maybe the next post won't be photos of our fat faces...but the fat face of our new bunny:)

 oddly enough...the puking gets annoying;)

and because I don't cry enough the way it is...above is Theo (TOP) and Homer (BOTTOM)...both at 7 Months. Sick. :'(
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