Sunday, October 19, 2014

the smiths:)

alternate title: why does my husband choose Family Photo Day to try out a 'new smile'.

SIDE NOTE: he's still adorable...pedophile side smile and all;)

family photos wenttttt awesome. AKA. As good as can be expected with a defiant 2 year old, a high maintenance baby, a mama with a rapidly receding hairline and dad test drivin' a new smile;)

i love us;)

we started out giving Homer a sucker. I quickly realized that was super dumb because us plus a sucker really doesn't fit my vision of a nice family photo. I spared you all the photos that followed us ripping from his death grip taking away the sucker. 

once he pulled it together...wa la:)

the 'outtakes' turned out to be my absolute favorites. They completely capture the shit show that is my family. And I love it. Hard:)

we tried to recreate some things we've seen on Pinterest - damn you to HELL, Pinterest!!!!;). But laying on the ground...with pine cones and nuts under our backs...while in a dress...staring up at the bright sky...not happening. And then Homer sneezes in my face and Theo freaks out. And yeah.

 an absolute favorite capture of my boys:)

my heart and his 'real' smile:)

and the damn dog walked in front of, what we are assuming, was the only good photo we would have gotten of the 2 kids by themselves. Well played dog.

we're very fortunate to have a sister who loves taking Family/Children's photos and is eager to practice her skill whenever we ask!!:)

thanks so much for capturing the essence of my family so very perfectly, Courtney:)

**for more current photos that Courts has taken...check her out on Facebook - Courtney Smith Photography**

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