Tuesday, October 14, 2014

month 29: homer:)

i've almost been too busy lately to notice baby boy growing a month older. This makes me sad and relieved, all in one:/

homer is 29 months old...or WAS 29 months old about a week ago. No worries...he's still his crazy little self...times 10 some days;) I'm convinced that his attitude is 90% his own and 10% just the struggles that come with being 2. Regardless...he's on my every nerve most every damn day;)

i'm now that mom who pastes a painful smile on her face up and down the isles while her 2yr old screams and thrashes in the cart. You.Will.Not.Win. But I try, try again:) 

homer may be a handful - hitting-ish, sassy mouth, running from me, not being a very good listener. BUT he's also a very sweet and polite little boy. Most of the time he's the first to say Thank You, without being prompted. He loves to give hugs (when he's not busy hitting;). He still adores his sister's "cheekers" and is always ready for a morning cuddle and kiss. 

most days he still goes down for a 2-ish hour nap. PRAISE JESUS!!!!. And when he is in undies...he's doing really, really well. I'm very proud of him:)

oh, Homer. I adore your spunky ass:)

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