Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 MOA *fall* Wish List

it's that time of year again...soon it'll be dark by 6PM - EW - and so I've decided to distract myself from the impending cold and start dreaming up what I'd like to add to my closet come November!

we've started making plans for our Fall Mall of America Trip! YAY! It's quite the sickness and I won't be made to feel bad about it. *MIDDLE FINGER* ;) Man...I just love fashion. I love shopping. I love shopping even when I'm not getting anything. I love to look. I love to walk around with my sisters and my mom and my girlfriends...coffee in hand...baby in the sling...and the money in my pocket that I saved all year:)

our trip is 47 days away. So it's very likely that I'll be adding things to or removing things from...this list. But here's my thoughts as of now:

1 . 2 . 3 don't ask me why...but I have a serious thing for High Tops. I'll be looking to my 11 year old niece for advice/opinions on this topic;) 

and I'm already preparing myself for the girls to give me that 'face' and saying "welllllll....they look like something you'd wear" when I ask them to come watch me try on High Tops at DSW;)

these are adorable and very inexpensive - $3.50. I think it'd be fun to wear out on a Date Night with Jacob, especially because I know he'd notice and appreciate the sentiment:) - that smiley face has blushed cheeks;)

i've been lusting over turquoise rings. Yep. Need one in my life:)

this ring just speaks to me. I loveeee you toooo ringggggg!!!!:)

my BFF recently got a new ring/bands from her husband for their 10 year anniversary (romannnnticcccc:) and it just got me to thinking about adding to my band some day and this one is right up my alley - NOT that there's anything wrong with the $7 one, from Etsy, that I've been sporting for the last 3 years:) 

SIDE NOTE: I bought 4 of those bands...one for myself and one for each of my sisters...I'd have to check but I THINK we all still wear ours?

i have 2 super cheap 'pleather' jackets in my closet. I'd love to replace those with one REAL leather jacket. But crap...I'd have to save a hell of a lot longer to get myself one of those...so in the mean time?!?!....

there are so many alternatives to leather but that are still super dressy. These would be some of those options. I really love the classic black and you could definitely dress an outfit UP with this jacket...or throw a fitted hoodie on underneath it to dress it down.

my favorite colors: black/grey/white. Shocking that I'd be drawn to this:)

this hat. THIS.HAT. Tell me I'm not crazy?!?!?!?!?! Need. Must.Haveeeeeee. The end.
If this hat is wrong...I don't want to be right!!!;)

my hat obsession continues. I've definitely made some mistakes with hats in the past but I'd like to right those wrongs;)

"us against them" reminds me of Jacob and I. And the flat brim reminds me of Homer. Is 31 - O.M.G....I seriously forget I'm 31 until I have to remember that I'M THIRTY-ONE?!?!!...point. Is 31 too old to wear a trucker hat?! Lie to me if you must;)

the reality is that the less money I have in the bank...the more expensive my taste gets;) Sooooo this year I'm going to try and "shop smart"!!! Wish me luck:)

*see my Spring Wish List HERE and a trip we took in 2012 HERE.
It's actually quite fun to look back on my lists because I like to think I never stray too far from what I've always loved. I hope that when people look at my list or something I love, they think: yep...that looks like Casey:)

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