Tuesday, September 30, 2014

month 6: Theo:)

it's 116AM...naturally, I'm blogging!!!!:/ 

theo likes to stay up till abouttttt 1130PM. That's her bed time. Not before. Not after. 1130PM on the head;) Theo still wants mom and only mom during the hours of...well...ALL OF THEM - she's very much disliked by most of our babysitters (aka. mom...Pigg...family;). As much as you can dislike the cutest.baby.on.the.entire.planet!!!!;)

but most annoying of all...is Theo getting older. If you're interested in seeing my reaction to Theo being 6 months old...come on over at 116AM and you'll see me hunched over my computer, crying that ugly cry...eating a cookie:')

you have one baby and you think that's the hardest part and each baby after is just...another baby. But it's not. It's all hard in it's own way. But what I've found is that Jacob and I can do this. The other day he came up to me with an idea he had been thinking of, in regards to how we should prepare for the next baby - in case that baby hates sleep as much as Theo did those first 7 weeks...gahhhh. I can hardly speak of those 'dark days';)

what I like about this kid thing and this family thannnggg...is that you keep trying. Sometimes it's hard - like when your nephew tells you that your 2yr old son called him a "Fucking Butthole". OR sometimes it's hard cause you're just not getting any sleep or getting enough alone time with your spouse.

POINT: i'm just glad that during the day...while I'm raising them up keeping them alive...Jacob's out there thinking of ways to make it better/easier/simpler/happier for us.

okayyyy so I kinda hijacked Theo's post with randomness...but she's 6 months old. She's doing a whole lot of nothing in her life at this point. No teeth. Still owns my boobs. Not quite crawling yet but moving around real good. Hasn't started solids. Sometimes she's a fucking butthole. And when she smiles or cuddles me or sleeps in my arms...well...that's the good stuff:) 


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