Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 MOA wish list:)

5 days until our Annual MOA Shopping Trip. We've gone a fewwwww times - it's a sickness really;) But there's no shame in our MOA game. We love it and we're not afraid to shop from 9AM to 9PM - that's real life.!!!!!:):)

below are a few things on my list this year. I'm KINDA in super love with this year's list (check out last year's list HERE). It's pretty. Simple. Lady-like. And comfy:) I'm deeming this year: Hot-YOUNG-Mom-of-2-Year;)
As I've matured...I've found that I actually stick prettyyyyyy close to The List. This is much better on the checkbook than past years. Going with a plan...that's the best plan:)

total for all 7 items (hoping there will be some sales): $264.63

1 boyfriend capris - i have a pair in my closet, that have made their way to the Maternity Bin because I can wear them up until 40wks of pregnancy:/ I got a few sizes TOO big. Time for the correct size!

2 birkenstocks - don't ask me why...but I think these would make my feet SO very happy this summer!:)

3 flowy tanks - i just love this entire look. Black is my business but then pair it with a long gold necklace...yep:)

4 levi's - i'm not normally one to get 'transition jeans' (no clue what Transition Jeans are?!?! - jeans that fit me now...but will hopefully be wayyyyy too big in 6 weeks when I'm back to my pre-baby weight:) but these are relatively inexpensive and I'm very curious to see how the fit works on me. They're more of a maybe/we'll see. But I can't wait to try them on!

5 comfy dress - envision this dress with my Birkenstocks. Or some flats. Or gladiators. I like the idea of this dress toned down for casual wear.

6 jump suit - oh shit yeah. This is a JUMP SUIT! You wouldn't have known, right?!?! I have a wedding in June and thought this was adorable. The top looks pretty accessible for nursing and I just love the look! Classy. Totally encompasses the Hip Mom look I'd love to pull off;)

7 sneakers - i have a row of converses that I LOVE but I'm ready to add something a tad different and with a splash of color for my summer wardrobe. These are it:)

i'm also super excited to be bringing Theo along on this trip! She's nursing, so bringing her was a no brainer. But I'm giving our new stroller (we got ours on Craig's List for $275...which is still INSANE-ish but it's amazing and we love it!!!) a go and bringing along the Ergo (we got our Ergo on Ebay for a fraction of the price and I'm actually hoping to get a Solly Wrap soon...I've heard they're glorious!!) which we've had out for a few walks already and it's been a dream!

lets hope baby girl likes shopping more than her big brother:) 

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