Tuesday, April 15, 2014

and then I cried all.day.long:')

i pretty much feel ALL the feelings when looking at these photos. 

just finding out we were pregnant again. Being scared shitless and just wanting the baby so bad and hoping things would work out and that we'd end up with a healthy baby!
- whoa...break for tears:') -
And peeing on that stick. That ridiculous thing that you urinate on that changes EVERYTHING!??!?! Seeing that positive sign never gets old. JUST as shocking as the first time around:) 
And if you can...do it in a nasty gas station bathroom, in the wee hours of the morning, while on a road trip with your entire family. And thennnnnnnn don't tell them for 14 weeks. Do it. ;)

and then a pregnancy...like Homer's...great in every way. Uneventful in the best ways possible. Definitely some more aches and pains this time around. But I look at that belly and can't believe she was in there. My head was nothing but worry and now she's in my lap...perfect and happy and healthy. 
55lbs later...we have an 8lb baby;)
I miss it already. Can I say that??!??!?!?! AHHHH!!!

A real.life.baby:) Theo Daisy Smith. Who's name I fall in love with more every day. Who keeps me up for at least 3hrs a night - either 1130-330 or 230-530 - she's cool like that;) But we know from experience this time, that those things don't last. That someday soon she'll be in her own bed and eventually she's two and then you die;)

theo is 16 days old and my husband has already asked: "you ready to do this all over again?" and without pause I responded..."ready:)".

we're, obviously, beyond sleep deprived and drunk on love;)

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