Thursday, April 10, 2014

month23. Homer:)

ah, my oldest child...kinda still blowing my mind that I have one of those now! A child that is not the 'only'. A child that my younger children will mimic and want to be JUST LIKE - that sounds like a damn nightmare at this Terrible Two stage;)

oh, but my Homer boy...he is the best:) Such the whipper snapper but yet the most lovable. Ever. Right now he's been giving out hugs to strangers (well, strangers to friends to us:). He's starting to really get the hang of longer sentences:

"where dat tuck go?" - where did that truck go?
"i luffff you beeeebeeee theeeeeO" - I love you baby Theo!

we've had tons of set backs when it comes to listening and just getting into things in general but we try to stay consistent with disciplining and'll sink in and he'll boot the attitude;)

but he gives us so many good moments and days afternoons;) I even, just recently, took both Homer and Theo to Target and we were there for about an hour without any real problems! He was a gentleman the whollllleeeee time! Which is completely unlike him to do! I was so damn proud of him that we called 'dada' from the parking lot to tell him how amazing Homer had been and how, shockingly, little 'mama' had spent;)

(LEFT) Homer 'sleeping'!!;)

i realize there are going to be so many difficult times as he comes into his own and pushes boundaries. But man, I love him so much and I'm so excited about the little man he's turning into:)

PS. all this love is coming from a place where Homer's currently at Gram's (thanks ma!!!) and Theo is sleeping soundly and I've got some music playing on low while I do dishes, blog and fold/put away laundry. There's also sun shining, $150 worth of Target GC's in my wallet and a cookie on the table to my right. All is right with the world at this very second;)
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