Thursday, April 10, 2014

week1. Theo:)

now that we're over a week into this '2 kid' thing, I can look back and deny that I was ever worried, concerned or overwhelmed by the idea of having two;) I know that I said it while pregnant with Theo...I know I voiced concerns about having two and how I'd manage it would we cuddle Homer AND a new baby...but now that she's here...again, we have the feeling we did when Homer arrived. That feeling that she was never...not here?! She just came into our lives and dropped right into a spot we didn't realize was already reserved for her.

annnnnddddd now I'm crying. I think at some point with Homer I had said that he has become and was the minute they pulled him from my body and laid him on my chest...exactly what we never knew we wanted:) And now Theo. She too, was the missing piece.
i still envision a few more 'missing peices' in this family;)

8lb 12oz (when she was born 3/30/14)
8lb 5oz (when we left the hospital 3/31/14)
8lb 8oz (at her check-up 4/2/14)
8lb 15oz (at her weigh-in 4/9/14)

we're all doing so great and I'm feeling back to my old self. Definitely feeling good and the warmer weather has helped immensely! We've been taking walks and I'm actually feeling super motivated to get healthy and active this time around. After Homer was born I just let things be and luckily, I got back to my old self eventually. This time I'd like to put a little effort into putting things back in place physically;) And I feel like that will help my, always low, energy level!

and now I have a reason to buy a new pair of sneakers;)

one last thing...I've been told A LOTTTTTT that Homer looks just like me:) And now I'm kinda getting the same feedback with Theo! Someone even commented that we'd have to have more so that Jacob has a chance to get a kid that looks like him;) 
Here are Theo (TOP - and look at her dark complexion?!?! She's also ridiculously alert and awake a lot of the day!) and Homer (BOTTOM), both at one week old:)
I have yet to figure out how my heart is going to handle them growing older:'(

and here's Homer at ONE WEEK, in case you forgot he was ever a baby:(:(
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