Saturday, December 6, 2014

month 8: theo:)


month eight was relatively painless for me. Could be that I didn't realize she had turned eight months until 4 days after the fact. Oops;)

as you can see...Miss Theo is freaking PRECIOUS!!!! My god, she's cute.

she's been sleeping in her own crib for about a month. Not every night and not always through the night. But she's doing so well. We're still going strong nursing but have added some solids. We get THESE amazing jars of food and 100% natural:)

she's an extra busy bee lately. Full on crawling. She's started pulling her self up next to furniture, not often but it's happened! She claps. Which is the best thing that's ever happened. Ever. 

over all. Just a cute, cute little pistol:) We love her. We love her sass. We love her cute ass:) 

class of 2032;) 

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