Saturday, November 29, 2014

giving thanks.

i'll start by saying that it's been a super shitty few weeks for our household. BUT I'll follow that with:

we're SOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky:)

i'll then add, that I'm a huge whiner;)


okay. SO I won't leave you hanging on that whining thing. I'm gonna prove it by telling you all about why shit sucks just a bit and then I'll quickly follow it up with the fact that I don't care about any of it and we're good and love is all you need...blah blah blah;)


crap. I'm already exhausted of myself. SO I'll just say this. Bad things do happen in 3's. 1. bad news. 2. more bad news. 3. Theo chokes. Big time. the ambulance, big time. She doesn't kid. I'm still sick about it. Long story short. My sister, Courts - who, like my other sisters, Mal and Pigg - is an EMT. She saved Theo. She doesn't like me saying that. I don't like saying that either, cause that means Theo needed saving. And that makes me want to puke. But Theo's okay now. She wasn't for about 6 minutes. 6 of the longest, most scary minutes of my life. But now she's okay. I'm not sure I'm okay cause I'm constantly scared for her life now. Before...nothing could happen to her. Apparently, that was my attitude. NOW. Everything coulddddd happen to her. Arg. But every day it's getting a bit better and I'm trusting that she's going to be okay and that was just a fluke. Not cool, Theo:/

so there you have it. We're so very thankful that our baby girl...all of us...are here and happy and healthy. SO very grateful.

we spent another Thanksgiving with our nearest and dearest. One of our friends was in from out of state and we spent some awesome time with him. So fun to get out of the house for a few hours and laugh! 

spotted: baby in bar.

only takes Jacob a few times to get the right shot;)

in hindsight...I really didn't need to slam oneeeeee more Southern & Diet Dew before leaving the bar at midnight. Especially, when I had to work at 6AM on Thanksgiving yeah. Gross. And surprisingly, it's the first Thanksgiving that I thought was going to result in me vomiting at the end of a family member's driveway...or worse;) A slight the MOST amount of food my body could handle...proved to be too much. Too.Much. When will I learn?!?!?;)

following tradition, we spent Thanksgiving up at my Aunt & Uncle's. And was fantastic. I say it every year...but I'll say it again. It's my favorite. We all love and look forward to this day every dang year!:)

even with the growing number of kids in's just a great and relaxing time. Amazing food. Good company. Yummy wine. 

all smiles before I realized I'd over done it. Bigggggg time.


one of the kids got a hold of the camera and got some great shots of the end of our night. We were all in good spirits - although, I wasn't touching any food or drinks at that point. I diddddd eat about 27 baby carrots. SO there's that.

i hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. And a less eventful few weeks than we've had over here:) 


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