Tuesday, December 30, 2014

month 9: theo:)

i'm not sure why...but 9 months is hitting me kinda hard. Is it that she's been here just as long as she was being toted around inside me? How can that be?

i had to go in for an ultrasound when I was only about 8-1/2 weeks along with Theo. Hearing that heartbeat. Man. I remember it like it was yesterday!!! I cried at 8-1/2 weeks along because I was scared to lose her. She's only 9 months old today...but I've been loving her hard for 18:')

theo daisy now has 2 bottom and 1 top tooth. Adorable 99.9% of the time. Not so much clamped down on my nipple...NIPPLE;)

she's pretty content. Is able to entertain herself for a little bit of the day, giving me some time to get laundry folded or dishes done. She's fallen into a great pattern with naps - sleeping from about 1230-330PM - and then still sleeping through the night...starting at 11PM:) She does know how to throw a mean fit, she is my child after all;) But she fits right in the nook of my neck and those snuggles are something to be jealous of:)

i know you're all dying to hear how Homer's doing!!!!!!:):) Well...he's a pistol. I'll say that!! But he's doing great. Telling the cutest stories...he talks with his hands:) We finally took the plunge and buzzed his hair...I sure love it:) Such a little man now! He got some new sneakers from Santa and his new favorite word is "disgusssteeeennnn" - disgusting:) 

he doesn't take naps every day...maybe twice a week but I carried him upstairs to lay him down this afternoon...and I felt like I was carrying a 12 year old. Where did these long legs come from? My 2-1/2 year old...going on 13:( And then he 'helped' me with dishes this evening...I love this stage. Where he can be involved and actually help in some way and he can keep busy. But as I stood back and watched him pour water out of the sink and all over the floor...wearing the same sweater he's pictured in below...with no pants OR underwear on...and only one sock...I realized...he'll always need me. Obviously;)

**all photos - minus the top 2 of Theo sitting in the chair - were taken by my 12 year old niece, Lia! They are beautiful! She obviously gets her talent from her mom and grandma:)**

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