Monday, December 29, 2014

a christmas video.

no joke. A Christmas video:)

a few things that you may or may not notice:

- we have a handful (7...SEVEN...seeeeevennnn) of get together's for Christmas festivities. Seven. 
We host 2 of those, as well as our own Christmas morning together at home.

- our traditional Christmas Eve, with my dad's family, involves games. They always crack me up cause they're borderline...inappropriate...or are they actually inappropriate but we've been conditioned not to notice anymore?!
You've never passed an orange from your neck to your uncle's neck...NO HANDS?!?!!?;)
One of this year's games involved being blindfolded and then 'shaving' your partner. Yep:) It was actually pretty hilarious:)
Another was blowing up balloons, stuffing them into nylon stockings and then running around with that situation, on your head. Boom.

one thing i do have to different Christmas-related 'events' is so much. I mean. Running. And food. And people. And snacking. And fevers. And wine and slush anddddd yum:) And travel and driving and weather. But dear lord...we still like it. I still look forward to seeing my extended family every year and seeing what crazy games my aunt has come up with. And rushing home to get the kids to bed so we can play Santa for a few hours and stay up too late laughing and setting up gifts and having a drink and watching Christmas Vacation:) 

i'm a die hard for tradition and we have a growing list of them. I'm just so happy that it's only gotten better with each passing year:)

please let me know if you're unable to view this video. I loved making the little guy and would hate for you to miss out on it - 3 minutes of your life...gone. GONE;)

merry christmas:):)
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