Friday, December 26, 2014

a DIY christmas.

i'm sitting here with a bowl of blue berry cheese cake the size of a newborn in front of me.

and since eating that is going to take the majority of my effort...and both my hands...I'm gonna make this SUPER quick;)

a few days before Christmas I nailed this whole - Stay-At-Home-Almost-Full-Time (SAHAFT - duh;) - thing. I mean. Really. Watchin' my sister's 2 boys as well as my own 2 kiddos. Doin' laundry. Stuffin' diapers. Breastfeeding while Instagramming;). Makin' cookies. Ending World Hunger, for crying out loud!!!!;) 

and somewhere in there I found the time to set-up a little ornament painting station for the kids:) Homer and I made a few DIY ornaments a few weeks back - using this recipe -  and I finally remembered to pick up some paint - why is it that the MORE I have on my plate...the MORE I get done? Dumb.
But the whole project turned out so great! Homer and Jax painted the cutest little ornaments and it kept them entertained for a good hour, which allowed me to keep my hands free to chase the 2 babies - Johnathan 7MO and Theo 9MO - all around the house:)

snack break;)

i even got in on the action and made a few for our own tree...I sent Jax's home with Mal and we've been adding some of Homer's to family gifts:)

not gonna lie, Johnathan wasn't a whole lotta help;) PTFO. 

and while the boys were busy painting - and eating their boogers;), I mixed up some All Natural Essential Oil Night Cream - I used this recipe. I've been really interested in using some more natural products and essential oils and this was a super easy recipe for my first attempt! I made a few as little additions to gifts and for myself. 

i'm not 100% sure where I got the jars from - these are similar. BUT I am 100% sure they are adorable:) Super cute washi tape here - which I also used on our Christmas cards, currently sold out:/. Essential oils from a local Plan-It Earth Health Center. Unfortunately, I was busy not taking photos of the process but trust this, normally-too-lazy-for-DIY girl, it's super easy!!!!

and then there are this year's Christmas cards. Which.I.LOVED. They turned out so simply and so cute;)

similar gold washi tape - here.  Coral envelopes - here. Red card stock - here

anyhoo. Just a little snippet of our Christmas. Much more to come after we finish up the family festivities tomorrow night:) 

merry, merry Christmas!!!:)

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