Tuesday, April 21, 2015

spoil me.

i'm still getting used to the idea that I'm part of Mother's Day now! I, honestly, wake up with these kids and I'm still not sure how they got here or if they're ours or why someone would give us the HUGE responsibility of making them awesome!?!?!!??

one thing I am pretty sure about...my husband being unaware that Mother's Day is coming:/ It IS important to both of us that we show the kids, by example, how important mom and dad both are. SO seeing as he gets that done daily...I'm willing to overlook the fact that I'll be reminding him it's Mother's Day...on Mother's Day and then I'll get my card the day after that;)

i'm not one to shy away from spoiling myself...so here are a few things on my current Mother's Day Wish List...aside from a nap and shower;)

cherry red tote this is something I'd be willing to spend $150 on, only use twice a year and feel super okay with that:)
*image from: See Jane Carry

kid rings i'd love to get something personalized with the kids' names at some point...seeing as we're not quite finished having them, I'd want to find something that would be easy enough to add to as we add the babies:)

skin care i've been thinking a lot more about taking care of my skin and finding a routine that works for me now, is within my current (LOW) budget and that I can continue with for the rest of forever. This is high on my list!!

pencil skirt this skirt just seems super versatile. I could wear before/during/after pregnancy...with sneakers/flip flops/heels. I like all things flexible at the moment:)

trench coat i'm in love with this deep blue color and would love something a bit dressier to throw on during those never ending, chilly, Spring and Fall Wisconsin seasons.

sandals i'm in need of something a step up from the $4 black flip flop and these would be perfect!

*the above 3 items are all via LOFT and they are currently running a 40% OFF! Such a great deal if you've had your eye on anything!!:)

Happy Mother's Day to ya:)
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