Tuesday, May 5, 2015

month 13: theo daisy:)

i've mastered the art of DOING IT ALL...one handed;)

a needy clingy adorably cuddly baby will do that:) Today's assignment for my readers, is to go ahead and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...with one hand. While holding a screaming baby. With an impressively runny nose. While a 3 year old insists on helping. Do it. I dare you;)

oh, Miss Theo Daisy. You are perfect in most every damn way:) I can't help but love you so hard, no matter what. Screaming. Crying. Happy. Sad. Laughing. Showing off your hippo teeth:) I'll never tire of you:)

theo is up to 19.25lbs (as of a few weeks ago). She loves eggs on odd days of the weeks. And sometimes only the Monday after a full moon. She's a tad picky;) One day she'll love something, the next, she's chucking it for the dogs! She's standing up in the middle of rooms all on her own but has no interest in this thing called 'walking';) And I'm soooo okay with that:) Brother didn't walk (on his own - he would hold my hand and walk) until he was about 16 months...so we suspect you'll be around the same time at this rate:)

now that the weather is nice, we walk almost every day. You have always napped only once a day. And you're a creature of habit...bed time is 730PM:)

it's hard to imagine what life could be like if baby #3 is a baby girl as well! It's scary but also helping me to soak up all the snuggles you give in the mean time:) 

we love you, Theo Daisy...you're the miniature baby hippo I've always wanted:)

below are a few photos from month 12:) They didn't get posted because of my long First Birthday Post but I hated not sharing these cuties:)

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