Tuesday, March 31, 2015

baby girl:)

theo daisy turned one yesterday - March 30th, 2015. I've been okay with this, only because she's so ridiculously tiny yet (compared to her huge baby boy cousins;) that I can hardly believe she could actually be a one year old! And then I just looked back through my posts on her birth - Here and Here - yep...it goes too fast. That's all I can say:'(

theo LOVED the cake and we LOVED the banner her aunt, Renee, made for her party! It suited our baby girl perfectly:)

unfortunately, for my photo-hating husband and son...I'm pretty obsessed with getting a family photo whenever the opportunity presents itself:) I like to think that karma had something to do with my husband, unknowingly, standing in dog shit for the duration of these photos;) Maybe next time you'll just get your ass outside the 1st time I ask;) - PS. they don't alwaysssss hate taking photos...just a lot of the time;)


thank you, thank you for all the perfect little gifts:) We have an ever growing family...our parties just involve the immediate family and that alone consists of 13 kids and 13 adults - I thinkkkk??. So we always have a pretty packed house for these get-togethers:) Lots of love:)

theo got her first baby doll - thank you Austyn!:) Some super cute summer outfits - thank you Aunt Courts and Me-Moo (Grandma Laurie:)!:) A great play/sound machine and stuffed animal - thank you Uncle Jordan:) Some much needed bath supplies and snacks - thank you Aunt Mal Mal:) The most perfect swim suit for this summer - thank you Grandma & Grandpa Smith:) And a bunch of other great goodies!:)

i don't know what it is - Courts claims it's the going from a boy to a girl:) - Theo is so much different to me than Homer. Homer has been and is still, a very sweet little boy:) But he's a boy...rough and tumble. Theo...gosh...she's got my heart locked up in her tiny little fists like nothing I've ever felt - Jacob will agree with that 100%:). Since day one, she's cuddled up into our necks like she'd been searching for that spot for a million lifetimes. And that spot...I never knew it was meant for anything as overwhelmingly perfect as her little face. I love Theo so hard. She's not walking yet and that's probably due to the fact that I never put her down;) But I'm okay with that...I have no plans to encourage walking any time soon. Snuggles, baby girl. All the snuggles:)

happy FIRST birthday Theo Daisy. I've never really wanted to believe in meant-to-be. But I'm convinced that you were:)

and a little First Year of Theo video for ya:)

and here's Homer's video - if work is slow today;)

thanks to my mom and Courts for all the birthday photos!!!:)
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