Monday, March 31, 2014

it's a girl:)

i'm not sure where to start...I believe HERE would be a good place:') Although, I can hardly believe it's been almost 23 months since we went down this road for the very first time but with our baby boy, Homer:) In so many ways 23 months has seemed like a lifetime but in so many has flown by.

yesterday morning...actually, almost exactly 24 hours ago...we welcomed a baby girl into this world. Into our growing family:) We now have 2 children. Homer has a baby sister. It was just as quick and intense an experience as it was the first time around. And we are forever grateful that things went as well as they did with Homer...if not better! And that in the end...we have another happy, healthy child:)

it's been an emotional 24 much happy. Jacob and I both can't believe that it can or could have or DID get more happy. We have agreed that we must go home and immediately give something away. Give back...we need to pay it forward...somehow:)

theo daisy smith
3/30/14 . 528AM . 8lbs 12oz . 20-1/2"

"...let her sleep, for when she wakes...she will move mountains..."

more to come on the details of how our baby girl came quickly into this world and how things are going and what's to come:)

with love:)
the Smiths - Jacob, Casey, Homer and Theo
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