Sunday, May 10, 2015


jeesh. 3 years?! I'm disgusted at how quickly that time has gone. And even more so at how my mind has almost forgotten that he could have been or ever was a little baby!:( Homer as a newborn...Homer as a 1 month old...nursing him...sitting up on his own or crawling for the first time...taking his first bites of food...first steps...It all seems a bit hazy. Now that he's 3, it seems he's never been anything but this age. And it's hard to imagine him as anything beyond this. 

what a privilege it's been to have this boy in our lives. My god. He's so good for us:) There are definitely times that we sit back and laugh (cry?!;) because I'm sure we're being punked with a child that has inherited some of our most awful traits;) - somewhere on the other side of this screen my mom and dad are saying "YESSSSS!!!!!";) But I wouldn't have it any other way. What better way to teach us the patience we most definitely needed to learn:)

we kept things pretty simple this year. Just our immediate family - as usual. Some jello and strawberries instead of a cake, who's leftovers I would have devoured at 11PM;) - and a small donut for the birthday boy - which he shared with his cousin:). Homer and I stayed up late the night before making a quick little 'table cloth'...which was the extent of our decor;) Oh, and who could forget the balloon I had to take a small loan out for...$12.99? Shittttt;/

i think he could just do nothing more with his life. Just eat donuts and live in our basement and drain our savings and I would still feel so much pride for him:) But I know better...our little boy is destined for some really, reallyyyyy fun and exciting adventures in his life:) 

 this photo actually makes me feel fat. All.They.Do.Is.Eat. ;)

favorite gift given goes to Uncle Jordan: Darth Vader Mask.
He didn't take it off for almost an hour;)

this might actually be my most favorite family photo yet!!!:)

and one last birthday gift the next day...his first pet: Gilbert the Beta Fish:) Thanks Aunt Mal Mal and Uncle Chris!!:)

if he can't touch Gilbert, he thought maybe he could blow on him;)

happy birthday to our sweet and sassy little boy:) It has NOT been an easy journey but it has been the biggest and best and most happy adventure of me and your dad's life. Watching you grow and become a little boy and loving you so's actually painful. Loving something as much as we love you can be a pretty scary thing and I know that fear and that love will only get bigger every day:)

we'll love you forever and ever little man:)

thanks again for all the gifts and the birthday wishes and for the beautiful photos, Courts:)

and here's a refresher of a baby Homer. I can't look at these posts without crying like a damn baby. HOW!? WHY!??!;') HERE and HERE.
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