Monday, November 30, 2015

mindless chatter/photos.

what is this LIFEEEEEE!?!??!?! 

instead of swamping your Instagram feed with all things ROCKY and life and randomness...I'll do it here?! That made more sense in my head. Most things do;)

but here we are. 2-1/2 weeks in, as a family of 5 and it's pretttyyyyyyy neat:) Not gonna lie. I'm not sure I'm getting any sleep cause I don't keep track of Rocky's nightly feeding's and such. But knowing that I don't have that lingering - Back To Work Deadline - is really helping my overall attitude:) 
Don't get me wrong...there are harddddd days. The last 2 days had been a bit sketchy. My attitude was in the shitter and then Jacob coming home to my 'Fuck Everything, Including You For No Reason' attitude only made HIS attitude shitty and then thatttttt was causing us to lose patience with the kids - not that they didn't deserve it entirely cause THEIR attitudes/sassiness was crap as well!!! - BUT good you can see...that vicious circle of shittiness needed to be stopped and so we stopped it. Last night. After the kids went to bed we talked and we went to bed ready to take on today...together...better:)

good gawdddddd we've come a long way:)

so what's been up? 

rocky's been fantastic. Wow. Theo was such a crazy she didn't sleep for the first 7 weeks of her life. For.Real. So maybe that had me setting the bar SO incredibly low that Rocky could really do NO wrong, unless he didn't sleep for the first 8 weeks of his life?;) But he's so good and so that has helped buffer some of the craziness that comes with the attitudes of a 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old;)

we had a Play Date and a little shopping trip and Thanksgiving - thank you Liz & Swade for hostingggggg! Always such a blast and we look forward to it EVERY year:):), all within the last week and we've had a blast and also forgotten the diaper bag for 2 of those outtings. Which turned into a shit show - literally. Cause you forget the diaper bag and you're GUARANTEED to have your baby, who hasn't had a blow-out in 3 days, have a blow-out THAT DAY!!! So even though 3 has been SO SO's definitely slowed my mental game. UhhhhhLOT;)

left: play date at Cody's:) 
right: rocky and Evy - BFF's forevaaaaa;)

TARGETTTTTTT w/ Rocky:) - diaper bag;)

peyton and Homer 'gaming':)


slowly but surely feeling like my old self again:)

hello, old friend;)

when only you will do...NO ONE ELSE WILL DO!!!;) 

my favorites:) - only missing mom cause she's always behindddd the damn camera! 

life is good:)

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