Saturday, December 5, 2015

month 20: theo daisy:)

you can't really tell from these photos...cause they're not showing her throwing herself on the floor or banging her head against a wall or trying to punch me in the back or hitting John or Will or Homer or ANYONE in the face...but this situation is.a.handful;)

theo daisy is TWENTY MONTHS! I can hardly believe she's a year old - I actually forgot that she was the other day:/ - let alone going on TWO!!!

despite her inability to control her anger - which I TOTALLY GET!!!;) - I love her as hard as ever:)

she's still the biggest cuddle bug and as I've mentioned before, Rocky is a saint, which has allowed Theo to get all the cuddles she still so desperately needs:)

if I remember correctly, Theo was 22lbs at her most recent weigh-in:) 

she still sleeps through the night. YAYYYYYYY!!!:) 

a lot more talking! She's saying Please and Thank You and Rocky and Mal Mal:) All in her own ridiculously adorable version;)

now that Theo is outnumbered by brothers...I really can't imagine ever having another girl! Theo seems too damn special to ever have to share that spotlight with a sister;)

love you, baby girl:)

and because these photos were all too freaking adorable not to share...and THOSE TEETH!!!;)

yes...I'm aware her hair is a HOT MESS;) no...I have not given any thought to what I should do about it. ;)
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