Tuesday, December 15, 2015

month 1: rocky peyton

little man is ONE MONTH - wasssss...a few days ago already:) - but he doesn't have his appointment until tomorrow, so I'll report back with a weight cause that's always fun to find out!:) He seems like such a chunk already so I'm excited to see how much he comes in at!

this month has seriously flown. That's not going to be news to any of you seasoned moms out there. With each child, the speed of the passing time has picked up. SO.DEPRESSING!!!:( 

i have to admit...knowing that I don't have to go back to work, that there's no looming deadline, it has made EVERY part of this 'mom' gig, MUCHHHHHHHHH more awesome. 

STILL HARD. But awesome:)

i feel a lot less rushed. Being interrupted doesn't bring out the monster in me;) I know that I have the clear schedule to get to it...eventually...hopefully;) It makes nursing better. I'm enjoying having to slow down much more than I had with the other 2:)

three really is great...like a friend of mine has said: it's the 3rd child bliss!

Rocky Peyton...it's been an absolute pleasurrrrreeeeee!!!!:):)

all festive photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography
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