Thursday, December 17, 2015

when the UPS truck makes your heart skip a beat:)

i live in an area of town with a mass amount of online shoppers...I know this because of how often I see the UPS/FedEx trucks flying by...or even worse...approaching my home slowly and then realizing they have the wrong address and speeding off to deliver goodies to some other lucky bastard;) It's heartbreaking;(

because I'm choosing to be unemployed and the only thing that stands between me being home full-time and having to go back to work is ME and my wee shopping habit, this time of year especially - see DEALS/SALES/40% OFF/FREE SHIPPING/FESTIVE STORE DECOR (I'm a sucker for the festiveness that is the Mall around this time of year...I just want to BE THERE!!!;) - I've had to implement a few simple rules:

avoid in-store trips...I try not to 'run to Target' or head to the Mall or encourage Jacob to take a day off work for a Date Day. All things that end with us saying: Had we not left the house we'd still have $XXX...arg:/
SO I've done a bit of online shopping but I have a list. A specific list and I stick to it when making purchases.

thrift...buying used/2nd hand/thrifting has always been in my blood so this is nothing new. We always check Goodwill first.

be useful...if Homer needs a pair of sneakers, we aim to make that happen as a Christmas gift. Or socks and undies as stocking stuffers. - no worries...they get a few 'fun' things as well:)

all this being saiddddd...I still slip up from time to time;)

most recently: a trip to St. Vincent's ended with these 2 gems:)

$15 lamp
thinking of painting the wood portion, white...thoughts??

$4 shoes
i kinda love these with all my heart! Those laces...those chunky heels???:):)

happy shopping, my friends!!!!

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