Monday, December 28, 2015

pretty lights and me crying about something.

not too many weeks ago we all bundled up to go see the local Christmas Parade! We were motivated by the unseasonably warm weather: early December...mid 40's. Practically summer around these parts;) 

we were quite the over-achievers...aka: I forgot to confirm the time and so we were 1-1/2 hours early for the parade. SOOOOOO instead of going home and undressing for an hour - which is how long it took to get out of the house in the first place - we headed for 'The Lights' in Marshfield - Rotary Winter Wonderland!

this was our first time visiting The Lights and I have to did not disappoint:) I, honestly, don't think I've ever seen Homer more genuinely...happy? excited? He had a huge smile on his face from start to finish:) Watching him enjoy something that much is something I will not soon or ever forget!

i never doubted that seeing my children happy would be my greatest joy but now I'm certain that there are going to be soooooo SO many years of me being that mom across the table as they blow-out their birthday candles, sitting in the stands as they make their first basket, on the other end of the line for their calls from college, front row at their wedding, in the waiting room for the birth of their children...LOSING MY SHITTTTTTTTT;''''') 



anyways. It was really pretty!;)

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