Wednesday, December 30, 2015

month 21: theo daisy:)

if I could sum up the last month of life with Theo Daisy, in one word...I'd choose: psychotic.

true story. 

theo's been a bit of a wild card over the last month...mostly, the last week. A LOT less smiles and a lot MORE fits. Eeeekkk. But I'll let her off the hook seeing as the Holidays can always be a tad stressful and the sickness has been going around and who wouldn't be pissed about having the shits for more than 4 days;/

other than being up to no good;), Theo's been pretty wonderful:) She's totally into baby dolls and physically fighting her brother anddddd the occasional, unsuspecting 4yr old boy;) She can hold her own, that's fo' sho'!!!!;)

theo has to be the most polite 1-1/2yr old I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with! Please and Thank You's without being prompted!!

as much of a struggle as this age has been for miss Theo, it's also been a ton of fun! Toothy grins, new words and she attempts to 'jump' and 'run/race'. It's freaking adorable. Apparently, 20(ish?)lbs is too much for a 1-1/2yr old to get off the ground;)

a lot of fun to come in the coming month. We're headed back to WI Dells for our water park weekend with the family. Theo wasn't a huge fan last year - see HERE;). SO I've got high hopes that she'll be completely excited this year!!!!

and no photo-sesh would be complete without a bit of WillB;)

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