Thursday, January 22, 2015

take me to your water park.


we went to a water park. 

feelings had: FUN. stresssssss. scared. stresssssss. Excitement. Giddy. Relaxed. happy:)

for the majority of us, this was our first experience and it was a good one! Jacob's parent's, generously, footed the bill for a few rooms for 2 nights in Wisconsin Dells - this was in place of doing a standard gift-exchange for this year's Christmas:) There may be a few things that need to be tweaked in the coming years, in regards to how we pack food and snacks and that sort of thing, but I really do hope that we continue this tradition!

- the kids LOVED it. Love. The older ones (14yrs-8yrs) were able to kinda venture out on their own

- Theo wasn't so sure about it...she eased into it each day but for the most part, I just let Jacob 'play' while I enjoyed Theo's snuggles:)

- Homer was a bit whiny at times...I think next year, when he's closer to 3-1/2, that will be HIS year:)

- keeping track of everyone...holy.shit. That was a nightmare! Thankfully, no one was lost or hurt. There were definitely moments of panic...but short-lived and we moved on to more of that fun;)

- and then there's just the road trip and hotel stay and being on a little get-away and day drinking and big breakfasts and reading a book and kicking back next to a pool and warmth:)

i have so many fun I'll let you scroll without having the guilt of not stopping for 3 additional paragraphs of commentary;) 


i threw together a quick video...I'm a huge fan of these damn things! It's cute. You won't hate yourself for the 2 minutes and 38 seconds it takes you to watch it;)



even this quick little trip has me pinching pennies to make another get-away happen as soon as possible:) Such a fantastic time.

the smith's:)
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