Thursday, January 22, 2015

me likes: high neck halter bikini

i put the kids to bed at 7PM cause they were being hellions...I realize that might actually be a normal bed time for most children but mine teeter on 8PM...and by 8PM...I mean 10PM:/
I then worked out to a 'Elle Glam Fitness' DVD - I didn't just make that up:/ - for 15 minutes...
followed that up with a plate of mash-potatoes that weighed more than my 10 month old...
and now I'm high on mash-potatoes and gravy, it's 1130PM and I'm surfing the web for bikinis. I wish this wasn't my life. But tonight, my friend, it is:)

1 . 2 . 3 . 4

also, it seems that my breasts ate all of their breasts. So I'm not getting a clear picture from these photos as to whether they could handle the amount of mash-potatoe/breast-eating breasts, I bring to the table;)

oh and I like HIGH-NECK-HALTER-BIKINI-TOPS. I think I forgot to mention that;)
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