Wednesday, February 4, 2015

month 10: theo:)

miss Theo Daisy is now 10 months - and 5 days:)

she's brilliant and beautiful. Duh. She claps. And crawls. And stands...sometimes. Kinda. Mostly she just gets held and cuddled and that's just fine by me:) 

she's a good sleeper. She takes one long nap in the afternoon and then sleeps from about 930PM-830AM...sometimes only waking about once in the night!

she's still nursing at least twice a day but we've just recently moved on to whole milk in a bottle - our goal was to nurse exclusively until 10 months and we did that and enjoyed every last minute of it:) - and lots of solids to help her get her weight up:) She hasn't gained much in the last 6 months - actually, nothing:/, so even though I think it's pretty obvious that she's a very healthy little girl...we want to see her gain somethingggg:)

she's, absolutely, got us wrapped around her finger:)

3 days apart in age. at least 3lbs apart in weight;)

the making of a monthly photo - everyone wants in on the action;)

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