Friday, February 27, 2015

we're so hot, we don't need a furnace;)

2 of the best things I ever did:

have these babies andddddd purchase myself a pair of overalls;)

sooooo it's tax refund season...which meansssssss something in the $2,000 to $4,000 range will be going wrong. Every.Damn.Time.

this year it was the furnace. And as luck would have it, the furnace failed on us during the coldest week of this Wisconsin winter. Well played, Furnace. Well.Played. As upsetting as it is to have to dish out that much money on something much less fun than 5 days in Hawaii...we're taking it in stride. Tons of snuggles and cuddles and late night talks in our parkas:) Such things can sometimes create the best memories:)

"remember that time our electric bill was over $300 because we were running 7 space heaters while our furnace was broke?? That was so funny!!"...too soon???!!! ;)

Furnace Break 2015 has encourageddddd a continued budget;) So while we wait for our Target Fund to build...we're gonna put on pretty flower/overall/pj or no pants at all and jump on the stairs and take funny photos and nap:)

the smiths
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